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    Dr. Sajiv Adlakha

    Good and innovetive idea to pay respect and homage to our loved ones. Keep it up. One suggestion-Kindly correct your sentence- If you *are* satisfied *with* the services. Pl post a review...

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    K.P.S Nair makes communicating the news very easy

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    Prabir Jain, sports coach helps to share news with least delay

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    Peter Fernandes, teacher

    A noble course is served by

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    Nazima Khan, engineer is a nice thought

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    Kumar Khanna, media executive is a commendable initiative

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    Preeya Singh, housewife has come as a timely service to the community

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    colleen traynor

    Just read in FREE so i was anxious to do it for my Late husband Gerry. They were so kind to help me in the mailing process not being computer savvy great idea to keep our loved ones Alive Thanks. Colleen,  Mumbai

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