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Sanjay Gandhi

Dec 14, 1946 - Jun 23, 1980

 Sanjay Gandhi


  • Name : Sanjay Gandhi
  • Date of Birth : Dec 14, 1946
  • Passed Away On : Jun 23, 1980
  • Religion : Hindu
  • Death Place : New Delhi
  • Address : New Delhi
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Life Summary

    NAME: Sanjay Gandhi
    DATE OF BIRTH: 14 December 1946
    PASSED AWAY ON: 23 June 1980
    PLACE OF BIRTH: New Delhi
    DEATH PLACE: New Delhi
    OCCUPATION: Politician

    Sanjay Gandhi was a politician who belonged to the Gandhi family. He was the son of India’s Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and younger brother of Rajiv Gandhi.


    Sanjay Gandhi was born in New Delhi on 14 December 1946. His father was Feroze Gandhi and mother was Indira Gandhi. 

    His Education:
    Sanjay studied at Welham Boy’s school and later on at Doon School in Dehradun. He did not complete his formal education but was keen on learning automotive engineering and thus underwent a three-year apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce in England.

    He did not want to enter politics and wanted an independent career as an airline pilot.

    His Marriage
    Sanjay Gandhi married Menaka Anand who was 10 years younger to him. They have a son named Varun Gandhi who was born the same year when Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash. Varun was just 3 months old when he lost his father in the unfortunate fatal accident.

    His Association with Maruti
    In the year 1971 a company named Maruti Motors Limited was started under Company’s Act when Indira Gandhi proposed the idea of producing a “People’s Car”. Sanjay Gandhi, though he did not have any prior experience of this field, was made the Managing Director of the company. Also, the company did not produce any car during Sanjay’s lifetime. This move was highly criticized. 

    Also during the time of the Emergency, the Maruti project took a backseat as Sanjay entered politics. Further, when Janta government came into power during the year 1977, the Maruti company got liquidated. 

    Soon after Sanjay’s death after the request of Indira Gandhi, the new government started looking for a new collaborator for Maruti Limited. Soon Suzuki was also approached for a joint venture. When Suzuki learned that the government of India had approached Volkswagen as well for this project the former did not waste any time and produced the model of first people’s car i.e. Maruti 800. Also, Dr. V Krishnamurthy became an integral part of the Indian half of the company.

    Sanjay’s role during the Emergency:
    It is said that during the time of the Emergency Sanjay recruited a lot of young officials who later on started opposing him as well as his mother Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The reason for such a move was that Sanjay became his mother’s or Prime Minister’s advisor during the time of the Emergency and thus Mrs. Gandhi followed Sanjay’s guidelines and decisions. But, unfortunately due to inexperience in politics he was unable to bring the situation under control and on the contrary things became more and more ugly. 

    His Death
    On 23 June 1980, Sanjay Gandhi was flying a new airplane at Delhi Flying Club in Safdarjung airport in New Delhi. He was showing an acrobatic move over his office when he lost control and his plane crashed. His co-passenger Subhash Saxena also died in the accident.


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