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Jul 22, 1923 - Aug 27, 1976



  • Name : Mukesh
  • Date of Birth : Jul 22, 1923
  • Passed Away On : Aug 27, 1976
  • Religion : Hindu
  • Death Place : Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Address : Mumbai
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Life Summary

    NAME: Mukesh Chand Mathur

    DATE OF BIRTH: 22 July 1923

    PASSED AWAY ON: 27 August 1976


    DEATH PLACE: Michigan, USA

    OCCUPATION: Singer


    Mukesh was a famous Bollywood singer of the yester years. 


    Mukesh was born in a Kayastha family in Delhi. His father was Zorawar Chand Mathur who was an engineer by profession and mother was Chand Rani. He was the sixth child of the couple who had in all ten children. 

    His Education

    Mukesh did not study much and left his schooling after 10th standard. He then worked for the Department of Public works, but for a short duration. It was during this time that he started honing his singing skills and experimented with voice recordings. 

    One of his relatives named Motilal noticed the talent of the young boy when the latter sung a song during his sister’s wedding. Consequently, Motilal took Mukesh to Mumbai and helped Mukesh get a formal singing training from Pandit Jagannath Prasad. 

    It was during this phase of his early career that Mukesh bagged his first role as an actor and singer in a movie titled Nirdosh that was released in the year 1941. 

    His Singing Career

    Mukesh got his first break as a playback singer for the movie Pehli Nazar (1945). The first Hindi song that he sang was “Dil Jalta Hai  To Jalne De.”

    Mukesh was a great K.L. Sehgal fan and sang many songs taking inspiration from the legendary singer. It was music director Naushad Ali who gave an identity to Mukesh’s voice. Mukesh-Naushad duo gave many hit films to Bollywood including Andaz(1949), Anokhi Ada(1948), Mela (1948).

    Mukesh sang a lot of songs for Dilip Kumar (who later on chose Rafi as his ghost voice) and Raj Kapoor

    His Marriage

    Mukesh married the daughter of Raichand Trivedi named Saral Trivedi also called Bachhiben. Saral's father was a Gujarati Brahmin and a millionaire during those times. Mukesh on the other hand had erratic income with no proper house to live. Also, his profession of singing was considered immoral during that era. As a result the multi millionaire father did not gve his consent for his daughter’s marriage to Mukesh. Thus, the couple in love i.e. Saral and Mukesh eloped and got married in a temple in Kandivali on 22 July 1946.  

    The couple had five children Rita, Nalini, Mohnish, Namrata and the singer Nitin. Neil Nitin Mukesh is the grandson of Mukesh and son of Nitin.

    His Death
    Mukesh went to Detroit, Michigan for a concert. On 27 August 1976 morning he went to take a shower and returned complaining of chest pain. He was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. He died of a heart attack. The remaining concert was completed by Lata Mangeshkar and his son Nitin. 

    Lata Mangeshkar brought back his dead body to India and he was cremated in a grand funeral attend by Industry stalwarts. Raj Kapoor became overwhelmed after Mukesh’s death and said “  I have lost my voice.”

    After Mukesh's death, his unreleased, songs were released in the year 1977 in films such as 
    •Dharam Veer, 
    •Amar Akbar Anthony, 
    •Khel khiladi ka, Darinda and 
    •Chandi sona. 

    In the year 1978 also a number of Mukesh's songs were released in films such as 
    •Tumhari kasam and 
    •Satyam Shivam Sundaram 

    His Awards 

    Mukesh won the following awards during his career 
    1) NATIONAL AWARD: Mukesh won National Film Award for Best Male Playback singer in the year 1974 for the song "Kai Baar Yuhi Dekha Hai" from the film Rajnigandha.
    2) FILMFARE: Following are the Filmfare awards that Mukesh won during his career: 

    •1959 for the song “ Sab kuch seekha humne” from the film Anari.
    •1970 for the song “Sabse bada nadaan” from the film Pehchan
    •1972 for the song “Jai bolo beiman ki” from the film Be-imaan
    •1976 for the song “Kabhi Kabhi mere dil me” from the film Kabhi Kabhi


    Nitin Mukesh, Mohnish, Nalini, Rita, Namrata

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