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Kishore Kumar

Aug 04, 1929 - Oct 13, 1987

 Kishore Kumar


  • Name : Kishore Kumar
  • Date of Birth : Aug 04, 1929
  • Passed Away On : Oct 13, 1987
  • Religion : Hindu
  • Death Place : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Life Summary

    NAME: Kishore Kumar born as Abhas Kumar Ganguly

    DATE OF BIRTH: 4 August 1929

    PASSED AWAY ON: 13 October 1987

    PLACE OF BIRTH: Khandwa, Central Province, British India (Presently in Madhya Pradesh India)

    DEATH PLACE: Bombay (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

    OCCUPATION: Singer, Lyricist, Composer, Actor, Film Producer, Director, Screen writer


    Kishore Kumar was a famous Singer, Lyricist, Composer, Actor, Film Producer, Director, Screen writer of the Bengali as well as Hindi Film industries.


    Kishore Kumar was born in a Bengali Ganguly family in Khandwa, Central Provinces (currently in Madhya Pradesh state of India). His real name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly. His father was Kunjalal Ganguly (Gangopadhyay) who was a lawyer. His mother Gouri Devi belonged to a wealthy Bengali family. 

    Kishore was the youngest of the four siblings. The other three were Ashok (the eldest), Sati Devi, and Anoop. His eldest brother Ashok became a Bollywood actor when Kishore was very young. Later, Anoop also ventured into cinema with Ashok's help. It is due to this reason that Kishore developed interest in Music and Films. 

    Kishore was a huge fan of singer-actor K. L. Saigal whom he considered his guru, and tried to imitate his singing style. 

    His Education

    He graduated from Christian College, Indore.


    Kishore Kumar started his Film career as a chorus singer at Bombay Talkies, where his brother worked. Kumar's first film appearance was in the movie Shikari (1946), in which his brother Ashok played the lead role. 

    Music director Khemchand Prakash gave Kishore Kumar a chance to sing "Marne ki duayen kyon mangu" for the film Ziddi that was released in the year 1948. After this, Kumar was offered many other assignments, but he was not very keen about a film career. 

    In the year 1949, he settled in Mumbai. He played the lead role in the Bombay Talkies film Andolan (1951), directed by Phani Majumdar. He with the help of his brother got many film assignments but he was more interested in becoming a singer. Ashok wanted him to be an actor like him. 

    In the movie Half Ticket, for one of the songs “Aake Seedhi Lagi Dil Pe”, music director Salil Chowdhary wanted Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar to sing the song. But, Lata Mangeshkar was not in town and Salil Chowdhury had to record that song before Lata Manageshkar could return. Consequently,  Kishore Kumar solved the problem by singing for both the male and female versions of the song himself. 

    R.D. Burman recorded in Kumar's voice for Dev Anand’s

     Munimji (1954), 

    Taxi Driver (1954),

     House No. 44 (1955), 


    Nau Do Gyarah (1957), 

    Paying Guest (1957), 

    Guide (1965), 

    Jewel Thief (1967), 

    Prem Pujari (1970), and 

    Tere Mere Sapne (1971). 

    He also composed music for Kumar's home production Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958).

    Asha Bhosle and Kumar performed many duets composed by Burman and their pair became a hit.

    Kishore Kumar produced and directed some movies as well in the late 1970s and early 1980s, some of them were:

    Badhti Ka Naam Daadhi(1978), 

    Zindagi (1981) and 

    Door Wadiyon Mein Kahin (1980) which was his last appearance as an actor.


    Kishore Kumar married four times in his life. His first wife was Ruma Guha Thakurta who was a Bengali singer and actress. 

    His second wife was actress Madhubala. Madhubala was unwell when Kumar proposed to her. He was already married to Ruma. But, the couple got divorced and Kishore Kumar married Madhubala after converting to Islam and changed his name to Karim Abdul. But, Kishore Kumar’s parents refused to attend the marriage that was held in the year 1960.The couple also married as per the Hindu ceremony to please Kumar's parents. But unfortunately, the actress was not accepted as his wife by his parents and family. Consequently, within a month of her wedding she moved back to her bungalow in Bandra because of the rising tension in the Kumar household. Both Madhubala and Kishore Kumar remained married but their relationship was always strained. She remained his wife until her death on 23 February 1969.

    Kumar married the third time to Yogeeta Bali. This relationship too wasn’t long sustained and lasted from 1976 to 4 August 1978. 

    Kishore finally married Leena Chandavarkar from 1980 until his death. He had two sons, Amit Kumar with Ruma, and Sumit Kumar with Leena Chandavarkar.


    In the year 1987 he suffered from a massive heart attack in Bombay. This was the second heart attack. He was able to recover from the previous one.  He died on October 13, 1987, at the age of 58 and his body was taken back to his birthplace of Khandwa for cremation.

    Awards and Recognitions

    Filmfare: Kishore Kumar won Filmfare awards in the following years

    1) 1969: For the song “Roop Tera Mastana” from the movie Aradhana

    2) 1975: For the song "Dil Aisa Kisi Ne Mera" from the movie Amanush

    3) 1978: For the song "Khaike Paan Banaras Wala" from the movie Don

    4) 1980: For the song "Hazaar Raahen Mudke Dekheen" from the movie Thodisi Bewafai 

    5) 1982: For the song "Pag Ghungroo Baandh" from the movie Namak Halal

    6) 1983: For the song "Agar Tum Na Hote" from the movie Agar Tum Na Hote

    7) 1984: For the song "Manzilein Apni Jagah Hain" from the movie Sharaabi

    8) 1985: For the song "Saagar Kinaare" from the movie Saagar

    Bengal Film Journalist’s Association Awards

    1) 1971 - Best Male Playback Singer for Aradhana

    2) 1972 - Best Male Playback Singer for Andaz

    3) 1973 - Best Male Playback Singer for  Hare Rama Hare Krishna

    4) 1975 - Best Male Playback Singer for Kora Kagaz

    To Commemorate Him

    He was awarded the "Lata Mangeshkar Award” by the government of Madhya Prade

    Also, from the same year onwards, the Madhya Pradesh Government initiated a new award called the "Kishore Kumar Award" for contributions to Hindi cinema to commemorate the great singer.

    Kishore Kumar Hit songs:


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