Vasant Umesh Marballi

May 17, 2016

 Vasant Umesh Marballi


  • Name : Vasant Umesh Marballi
  • Passed Away On : May 17, 2016
  • Religion : Hindu
  • Residential Address : Mumbai
  • Description:


    Vasant Umesh Marballi

    Passed away peacefully on Tuesday 17th May, 2016.

  • Place of Death : Mumbai
  • In Grief:

    Remembered & missed by:
    Nirmala, Ravi, Gauri, Shashi and Jeet Marballi, Bijurs, Nagarkars, Bhats, Kallianpurs, Sashitals, Patels, dear friends and colleagues.

    Ph.: 9004682291


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