Shri P. Deena Dayal

Apr 24, 2017

 Shri P. Deena Dayal


  • Name : Shri P. Deena Dayal
  • Passed Away On : Apr 24, 2017
  • Residential Address : E -4, Dassappa Garden, 10th Crs, H.M.T layout, RT Nagar,
  • Description:

    Sad Demise
    Shri P. Deena Dayal
    attained holy abode
    on April 24, 2017
    "Janma Karma ca me divyamevam yo vetti
    tattvatah tyaktvaa deham punar
    janma naiti maam eti so"
    "One who knows the transcendental nature
    of my appearance and activities does not,
    upon leaving the body, take his birth again
    in this material world,
    but attains my eternai abode"
    You will remain forever and ever in our hearts
    and memories Dad!
    Final rites will be held on
    April 25th, 2017, @ 1:45 pm at Hebbal Crematorium
    Residential Add - E -4, Dassappa Garden, 10th
    Crs, H.M.T layout, RT Nagar,

  • Place of Death : Bangalore
  • In Grief:

    Diwakar - 9886058776
    Dinesh - 9916995956
    Shashank - 8861476471

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