Smt. Dr. Ranjana Fotedar

Aug 28, 2017

Smt. Dr. Ranjana Fotedar


  • Name : Smt. Dr. Ranjana Fotedar
  • Passed Away On : Aug 28, 2017
  • Religion : Hindu
  • Residential Address : Mumbai
  • Description:

    Sad Demise
    Our Mother
    Smt. Dr. Ranjana Fotedar,
    wife of Swargiya Shri A.K. Fotedar, left for her
    heavenly abode on August 28, 2017 in Mumbai,
    surrounded by her loved ones.
    She was an embodiment of unconditional love, simple
    living, of heartfelt truth, a child-like innocence, of
    large heartedness and forgiveness. She led her life
    with inspirational courage and humble self-reliance-
    dutifully and passionately fulfilling all her roles
    and responsibilities, in the purest service and devotion
    towards our father.

    Mumma, as you attain your long awaited union with Papa
    in the heavens above, we promise to keep you both alive
    here in our thoughts, words and deeds, just the way you kept Papa alive all these years. As you havealways taught us by example, we will 'be positive' no matter what life throws at us. Please keep showering your blessings on us

  • Place of Death : Mumbai
  • In Grief:

    Family, Relatives and friends
    401, Orchid, Vasant Valley Complex, Mumbai
    Mobile: 9650340487, 9871302233

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