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Hindustan Hindi Delhi Obituary Advertisement Rates 

To book an obituary advertisement in Hindustan Hindi, Delhi, review the newspaper's rate card of obituary advertisements. These obituary ad rates are given in rupees per square centimetre. To arrive at the total cost, calculate the rate with the size of advertisement you wish to publish it in Hindustan Hindi, Delhi.

Ensure checking the booking essentials to know regarding the obituary advertisement publishing date, booking deadline and other mechanical details of Hindustan Hindi, Delhi. This will help you to plan your schedule accordingly. You have the options of going for full-page, half-page, quarter-page or any other size of advertisement for the front page, back page, page 3 or in an inner page of Hindustan Hindi, Delhi.

Hindustan Hindi, Delhi, for various ad headings:

The following are among headings under which related ads can be published. Following are the headings:

Sad Demise, Death Announcement, Prayer Meeting, Condolences, Remembrance, Death Anniversary, Birth Remembrance, Marka, Seventh Day Mass, Uthala, Tributes, Kriya, Hashkaba, Bhog Ceremony, Besna, Commemoration, Havan, Daskhriya Vidhi, Homages.

Cost of Obituary Ads in Hindustan Hindi, Delhi:

Obituary ad sample in 3 x 5 cm for Hindustan Hindi, Delhi: The minimum size accepted in Hindustan Hindi, Delhi, column is 3 cm width x 5 cm height and costs can be derived from looking up the relevant rate card of Hindustan Hindi, Delhi, edition. It can comprise of a 2 cm-height photo plus 5 lines of text. An enlarged 3 x 5 size sample ad is given alongside which can be clicked for what could be published in the Hindustan Hindi, Delhi.

Similarly, one can arrive at costs for Hindustan Hindi Obituary display ads for Delhi besides Remembrance ads in Hindustan Hindi, Delhi, and HH Delhi Remembrance display advertisement.

Booking an Obituary Ad in Hindustan Hindi, Delhi: 
  • Checking the rate card for Obituary advertisements helps decide the size according to one's budget for Hindustan Hindi, Delhi.
  • Plan the schedule for the Obituary advertisement by checking booking essentials mentioned for the Delhi edition.
  • A draft of the Obituary advertisement content can be sent to us for a free quote along with various discounts and offers available for Hindustan Hindi, Delhi edition.
  • Upon receiving your consent on the ad rates quoted for Obituary advertisement for Hindustan Hindi, Delhi, we will send you an invoice with every payment option available.

Once the payment is received, our designing team would design the Obituary ad as per your requirements and it get it published on the date chosen in the Delhi edition of Hindustan Hindi.