Remembrance / Anniversary Celebrity

Celebrity Remembrance

Creating a memorial for a celebrity is also a way to pay your tributes to that person that could be anyone from any field, region, religion and country. You don’t need to take any permission from family members of the celebrity, whom you want to commemorate with a remembrance ad. 

By creating a celebrity remembrance ad, you can highlight the service of the person to society, country and the world at large. It will be a place for others to join you in paying tributes to the celebrity. The remembrance would also serve the objective of reminding the admirers and followers about the remembrance events of the celebrity. 

Share information regarding the events on social media and update admirers and followers through free texts and e-mails so that everyone gets an opportunity to attend the event and pay tributes to the celebrity. 

How to create a celebrity memorial

Select “Create a Remembrance Ad” on the home page and choose your service package. In addition to free service for 7 days, there are paid services for 30 days, 1 year, 5 years and life. Select a package after carefully reading the service details and proceed to create a memorial. 

Enter details of the celebrity on the “Create A Remembrance Ad” form and also add pictures of the celebrity. Write a biography in your own words to pay your tributes to the departed soul. 

Accept terms and conditions and proceed to make the memorial live. See your creation and proceed to make it live, if satisfied. If you need changes in the details, go to settings to add/delete/edit information and complete the memorial. Once the memorial is complete, proceed to make it live for others to pay tributes.