Have you ever been dumbstruck after hearing the news of the demise of your favourite star? Have you ever rushed to pick up the phone and inform all your friends about the death of a celebrity? Have you ever been declared crazy by your family for acting in such a manner on getting the news of the death of a famous person? If you can relate with these questions then you certainly belong to the lot that gets affected by the death of an influential person.

There are many people out there who outpour their emotions and grief on social media platforms and other channels when someone they admire departs from this world. Their reaction to the sad news is as if the one bygone was an integral part of their lives and family. They become restless and feel the agony as if the one gone was a part of their close circle. People post their feelings and thoughts on hearing the sad news and share the same with others so that other admirers of the celebrity can also express their condolences as well. Individuals who are fans and followers of an influential figure come in large numbers and express their grief on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.

Another way to express condolences and pay tribute to your favourite star is via obituary sites. Online web service providers allow people to create Indian celebrity remembrance on their platform. Anyone can register on the site and create a page for their best-liked star. They can also write a short description or a memoir for the one bygone and give a personalised touch to the message. Thousands and Lakhs of people join such portals to pay their tributes for the departed soul and mourn their death.

Such channels are an effective medium to post obituary ads online. Therefore, it is not just the death notice of a celebrity that you can post but also of a loved one in your immediate circle. You do not have to rush to a nearby newspaper office with your request to publish an obituary ad post. Online channels enable you to make death notices live within minutes. Anyone can create a page for the deceased sitting in the comfort of their home with just a finger click. Once your page will become live you can share the same on all social media channels to expand the reach. It is one of the most convenient ways to announce the sad news.

So, if you are mourning the loss of a favourite persona then do not sit and cry. Rather, get inspired by the life of that celebrity and post a memoir for them to pay your tributes.

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Posted On : 06.05.2017
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