Death Cannot Do You Apart From Your Loved Ones

Death Cannot Do You Apart From Your Loved Ones
Death of a loved one leaves us shattered and grieving. Our emotional well-being gets disturbed and we desperately seek help to come out of that state of mind. It is during these times that people place Obituary ads in printed journals. The custom of such ad posts is prevalent since the good old times. Newspapers and printed publications have always remained the top choice for such notices. However, with the arrival of internet things have changed and these days, people look for online options for various services.

The online channels give results quickly and are thus preferred over the conventional media. Thus, the concept of online obituary is slowly strengthening roots in India. It is already popular in the foreign countries and people there readily take the help of such websites to post remembrances and death notices. The best memorial website also offers funeral services like sympathy and funeral flowers etc.

Our platform also runs on similar lines and we provide free obituary services along with remembrance posts by which you can tell the world about the departed soul. People can also send sympathy flowers to their loved ones via our channel. You can write a short biography of the deceased to cherish the moments you lived with the one bygone. Also, you can edit your page and add the details of post-cremation or burial ceremonies. 

If you do not know the format of an obituary ad then, have a look at the posts of other people on the website that will serve as obituary ad samples for you. It will be easier for you to create a post for your loved one after taking the reference.

Once your page is created, you can share the link on social media channels to spread the word to people sitting far away. People, who will be unable to make it to the venue, will pour in their tributes in the comment section of your page and offer their condolences.

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Posted On : 25.03.2017
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