It is always good to send flowers to a funeral as they symbolise love and support towards the affected family. Also, it is appropriate to send flowers to convey your sympathies towards the survivors during such heart-rending times. Sympathy flowers are comforting and are best to express emotions when words fall short. It is due to this reason that people often take the help of flora.

Various cultures attach a lot of importance to flower type and their colour. Hence, one should be careful while sending the sympathy flowers as carnations with wrong colours for funeral purposes can have a wrong impact and seem inappropriate for a funeral or other tragic events. A different message is conveyed by different flowers and every colour has a certain symbolism attached to it. 

White flowers represent hope for the grieving people and thus are considered apt for sympathy flower bouquets. Also, white colour is the colour of death and is considered as the most suitable colour for such occasions. On the other hand red is considered as a taboo colour for funeral and death anniversaries in Asian culture in particular. It is so because red is considered as the colour of joy, celebration and happiness and thus is not considered fitting for the death of a loved one.  Therefore, send obituary flowers that convey a meaningful message apt as per the tragic event. 

You can send across funeral and sympathy carnations via our channel and select from the innumerable fresh floral arrangements. You can make your bookings online and provide the shipping address where you want to send the bouquet. You can also send a personalised note or message along with the flowers. Such a gesture will prove that you are concerned for your near and dear ones and that you will stand beside them no matter what.

You can also create an online obituary for the departed soul and announce the sad news to all in your circle on behalf of the family of the deceased. We do not charge anything for our obituary services and they are absolutely free of cost.

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Posted On : 23.03.2017
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