Remembrance / Anniversary

The Remembrance/Anniversary

Remembrance is related to the birth or death anniversary of a departed loved one. It could be yearly, half yearly or monthly depending on the faiths and beliefs of the mourning families. It is also a way to keep departed souls alive. Online remembrance ads are created for paying tributes but they can also be used for reminding friends and relatives of events and feeling proud of ancestors.

Remembrance ads contain important details like the death anniversary on which friends and relatives can join the grieving families in barsi, punyatithi and other similar events. Information regarding remembrance days and events can be shared on social media. Also friends and relatives can be informed through messages and e-mails from the remembrance page. 

Create memorials

Clicking on the “Create a Remembrance Ad” button on the home page will take you to the service package where you can select “remembrance” service to see the packages. We have a packages of four paid packages. Choose the package that suits your budget.

7 days’ free service: It is a startup service that can be upgraded to a paid service within 7 days of creating the remembrance ad. Its advantages are 5 free SMSs and 50 free e-mails.

1 month’s paid service: The profile remains active for 30 days but can be upgraded before expiry. This service provides 10 free SMSs and 100 free e-mail messages.

1-year package: The memorial remains available for 365 days and it can also be upgraded within a year. The users are provided 25 free SMSs and 150 free e-mails with this package.

5-year package: Use the memorial and remembrance service for 5 years by paying a small fee and also take advantage of 50 free additional SMSs and 200 free e-mails to friends and relatives for remembrance events. Upgrade the package to lifetime to keep the loved ones alive forever.

Lifetime package: It is the premium service as it makes the departed souls immortal. The service charge has been kept at the lowest even after providing 100 free SMSs and 250 free e-mails.

Select a package and pay the price and proceed to create the remembrance ad.

Enter remembrance details in the form and also make a detailed biography of the loved one for whom the memorial is created. Add pictures of the loved one to complete the memorial and proceed to add details of the anniversary or any other memorial events.

Save the details and proceed to check the memorial as it will be displayed on the website. If it is complete, allow us to make the remembrance ad live. If you want to make changes, go to settings and edit/delete/add information to make it complete.