About Us

“Homage to loved ones online”. While that summarizes the objective of Obituarytoday.com, the underlying reason is to inform people of a departed soul, free of charge and also serve that person’s memory in more ways than one. This is a means of reaching a single message beyond a restricted audience to wide-ranging people across the world in the most cost-effective manner.

The immediate purpose is to enable the grieving family to send out an obituary notice at their convenience. This could be immediately or as early as possible when they can find the time amid dealing with so many other demands on their attention (including consoling mourners, greeting well-wishers and making funeral and other arrangements).

But the prime importance of sending out the obituary notice is to inform distant relatives, friends, admirers and well-wishers about the deceased at the first opportunity. At the same time, because of the online convenience offered by Obituarytoday.com, those concerned are not put under needless pressures of sending out their messages within specific time-limits. The latest technology, including SMS and e-mail, are used in this hassle-free process.

Since an obituary today usually includes details of funeral and post-funeral services which even distant admirers would like to attend, the online obituary ad sent through Obituarytoday.com will remain alive for 40 days. During this period, the departed soul’s family can make whatever modifications may become necessary in the original obituary ad at any time.

At the end of 40 days, the family is at liberty to convert their obituary notice into a memorial at nominal specified charges for different periods including life-long.  Just like a physical memorial, this could become an online memorial as a remembrance that would also be a legacy for future generations. It would be like a web page showing the late loved one’s life, achievements, beliefs, thoughts and services to the family, society and the nation of the loved one. The online memorial can be enriched with pictures and videos showing the life of the deceased.

Obituarytoday.com gives ideas and space for free online remembrance ads. It is a website where memories for the departed souls can be created and enriched and the life can be celebrated. It is where future generations can meet their ancestors and feel pride in their family history and legacy. Friends, relatives and family members can also pay their tributes for departed souls on their online memorials on Obituarytoday.com from wherever they may be.

Creating such an online remembrance ad on Obituarytoday.com does not take time. The web page can also be used for communicating with friends, relatives and acquaintances. When the time of annual rituals comes, invitations can be sent from the memorial. Dates, times and venues of the remembrance function can be mentioned on the memorial so that friends and relatives don’t need reminders about the ritual.

It should be noted that Obituarytoday.com is powered by Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd, which has been fully accredited with the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) since 1993.In case the need arises, Mind Makers’ online advertising facility, www.MyAdvtCorner.com is completely competent to release an obituary advertisement and related notifications in any newspaper in any language anywhere in India.