For your departed loved one
an online facility for...

Let us lend
a helping hand
Where there is sorrow
there is holy ground
Where heritage & life
are celebrated

For your departed loved one
an online facility for...

REVIEWS is a nice thought
Nazima Khan, Engineer is a commendable initiative
Kumar Khanna, Media Executive makes communicating the news very easy
K.P.S Nair helps to share news with least delay
Prabir Jain, Sports Coach

Just read in FREE so i was anxious to do it for my Late husband Gerry. They were so kind to help me in the mailing process not being computer savvy great idea to keep our loved ones Alive Thanks. Colleen,  Mumbai
Colleen Traynor has come as a timely service to the community
Preeya Singh, Housewife

A noble course is served by
Peter Fernandes, Teacher

Good and innovetive idea to pay respect and homage to our loved ones. Keep it up. One suggestion-Kindly correct your sentence- If you *are* satisfied *with* the services. Pl post a review...
Dr. Sajiv Adlakha

About obituary/remembrance notices online

An obituary is news about the recent death of a person and it contains information on the date, time, venue and related information of the funeral of the deceased. It is published soon after the death and its objective is to inform all concerned about the demise, the funeral and information about post-funeral services.

A remembrance is a memorial created to remember a departed soul. Its objective is to keep the people, who are no more, alive in memories.

Post Obituary Ads Online

Post a free obituary ad on to inform others about the demise of a loved one. The ad would be live for 40 days. Posting an obituary has been made convenient and affordable as the user only needs to provide such details as name, date, contact details and venue and events related to the funeral and subseqauent related services to post an advertisement. Online obituary service includes free texts, mails and sharing on social media.

Create Remembrance And Anniversary Ads Online

Create memorials to let others know about the deceased. Provide complete details like name, date of birth, date of demise, age when the person expired, life summary and family background including pictures of the deceased. Memorials are created for paying tributes and remembering the departed souls on their death anniversaries.

Information regarding events related to funerals and details of such services as chautha, daswan, tehravin, uthawana, besana, rasam pagarhi, antim ardas, prayer meeting, shanti path, shradhanjali and other related events can be shared through ads. Use available tools to share information on social media and to send invitations for the events through SMSs and e-mails.

Only time and compassion can fill the vacuum created by such a loss of life. But it is for the person in grief to take the first step to inform friends and relatives about the demise of a loved one. Tributes would start pouring in as soon as the death notice is published and the news of demise spreads. All concerned with the departed soul will gather at the venue to show their sympathy and unity with the grieving family and friends.