Take the opportunity to pay a tribute to the departed soul

smpathy_cardsFuneral of a loved one is the toughest time of life. It is impossible to imagine self in such a helpless situation when all the rationality of a human mind goes for a toss. One cannot imagine the pain and suffering an individual undergoes while lamenting over the loss of a loved one. Therefore, it becomes difficult to express grief through conversation and interaction.

Then what can a person do to express her/his sadness and agony? It is not an easy answer to provide! Amidst such difficult situation, one can certainly take the help of words if not in verbal form then in written ones to show her/his pain. Written sentences have a great power to express the on goings of a human mind and emotions hidden within. Obituaries and funeral forms are some of the records in a script form that express the sadness in a succinct manner.

Previously, newspapers and printed publications witnessed a huge influx of such ad request but with the changing times the way to post obituaries too have changed. Nowadays, people go online to post such ads. Though, in India there are a very few sites offering such services but the trend is slowly picking up pace with the increasing demand of people for such portals.

One such website that has reaped the benefit of first mover advantage in this domain is Obituarytoday. The concept was initiated by Mind Makers Communications Private Limited; an INS accredited ad agency that is running successfully for the past many years. It is one of the famous web service providers that enable its users to post free obituary ad in India. The agency doesn’t charge anything for its obituary services.

To create a page at this portal, you need to register first and then follow the instructions that are easy. Furnish all the essential details of the deceased along with the photographs and create the post. If you are unsure of the format, refer to the sample of obituary and sample of funeral ad available on the website.

For more details contact at the following numbers:
•0120-2512700 or

You can also drop a mail at info@obituarytoday.com to enquire more.

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